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Dr. Juan Pablo Livore

Assistant Researcher CONICET

Dr. Juan Pablo Livore

My research

My research is focused broadly on marine community ecology. My primary research goal is to understand how ecological processes and environmental changes affect interactions between species. I am particularly interested in how changes in species’ interactions may lead to changes in the associated biodiversity and the mechanisms that drive community changes. I combine field surveys with field and lab experiments to gain understanding of the causes and consequences of changes in species abundance with the final aim of providing knowledge based conservation solutions.

Research goals
  • To understand the effects of natural and human disturbances on ecological processes and interactions.
  • To understand interactions between habitat-forming and dependant species in rocky intertidals.
  • To understand the relationship and interactions between shallow subtidal and intertidal communities.
  • To provide ecological information for conservation and restoration of degraded habitats.
Research topics

I am currently focused on understanding of the role key species play in the rocky intertidal flats in Patagonia through manipulative field and lab experiments. The SW Atlantic coast is very broad and comprises several biogeographic regions which have distinct environmental and geomorphic characteristics. Previous descriptive studies of the intertidal communities that thrive in these environments are available, however there is a noticeable gap in the knowledge on the processes and species interaction within them. Even more lacking is the information on the shallow subtidal communities in this area, which is an area with great potential I am currently exploring.
Ongoing projects include succession experiments within the Nuevo Gulf, foraging and movement behaviour of intertidal species, biodiversity surveys along a broad latitudinal gradient and anthropic impacts on intertidal communities.

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Puerto Madryn, Chubut - Argentina
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