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Dr. Andrés Averbuj

Associate Researcher CONICET

Dr. Andrés Averbuj

My research

My research is focused broadly on marine invertebrates’ biology, and particularly in gastropods. My primary research goal has been, since the beginning of my career, the study of reproductive modalities of argentine marine gastropods and their implications on life history, feeding behavior and habitat adaptations. In relation to this, my publications usually deal with reproductive seasonality, spawning and embryonic development, reproductive investment-success, parental care, growth and longevity, trophic biology, among others. Another important aspect of my research is to understand the effects of marine pollution, either natural or anthropogenic ones, on gastropod reproduction. These topics are approached in an integrative manner in collaboration with colleagues from LARBIM and other institutions. I combine different methodologies such as histology, microscopy (optic and electronic), experimental biology (field or aquaria), energetic content analysis, among others.

Research goals
  • Understand the diversity of reproductive and developmental modalities in marine gastropods of the Argentine sea and its relationship with environmental parameters.
  • Understand the relationship among reproductive modalities and life history with other aspects of the biology of marine gastropods, such as feeding, growth, habitat use, behavior and ecophysiology.
  • Understand the effect of maritime pollution on the reproduction and embryonic development of marine gastropods. Biomonitoring pollution by morphological effects (imposex) in gastropods.
  • Train students in the field of marine invertebrates research.
Research topics
  • Reproductive modalities, spawn and embryonic development of marine gastropods of the argentine coasts.
  • Growth and trophic biology of marine gastropods.
  • Effects of maritime pollution in the reproduction of highly sensitive gastropod species.
  • Estimating fisheries potential in species of marine gastropods from the coasts of Chubut.
  • Ecophysiology and energetics of marine gastropods and its relationship with reproductive modality.
  • Feeding and trophic biology of marine gastropods, and implications on energetic cost-benefit investments.
  • Reproduction and trophic ecology of the opistobranch Pleurobranchaea sp. in northpatagonic gulfs.

Bvd. Brown 2915 (U9120ACD)
Puerto Madryn, Chubut - Argentina
Tel.: +54 (0280) 488-3184 int 1329