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M.Sc. Gonzalo Bravo

Doctoral Fellow CONICET

MSc. Gonzalo Bravo

My research

To study the benthic biodiversity (richness and abundance of species) of rocky reefs at a local (Golfo Nuevo) and biogeographic (Patagonian coast) scales. The local scale study will allow to describe the temporal changes of the assemblies while with the biogeographic approach the spatial variability of the current benthic communities will be described on a larger scale. Finally, this information will be used to model and predict possible changes in the assemblies after an eventual event of increase in seawater temperature.

Research goals
  • To estimate the density and the percentage of cover of the benthic species that inhabit the different zones (i.e. horizontal, vertical and cave surfaces) of the reefs at Golfo Nuevo.
  • To compare the structure of the benthic communities (identity of the species present and their relative abundance) of reefs on the west coast of Golfo Nuevo (Puerto Madryn) with reefs on the east coast (Punta Pardelas) and relate the possible differences observed with environmental variables.
  • Study the biodiversity in 20 reefs with a similar depth range along the Patagonian coast.
  • Use mathematical models of species distribution to relate the estimated environmental conditions for the year 2100 (scenario RCP8.5, Collins et al., 2013) with the optimal ranges of the invertebrate and algae species that inhabit the Patagonian rocky reefs.
  • To prepare an identification guide for the most common marine invertebrates and algae that inhabit the rocky bottoms of Patagonia.
  • Outreach of results to government entities and to the public in general, in order to conserve the rocky reefs of the Patagonian coast.
Research topics

Macro-ecology in the rocky reefs of the Patagonian coast to investigate the spatio-temporal distribution of benthic species, community structure and trophic functions.

Bvd. Brown 2915 (U9120ACD)
Puerto Madryn, Chubut - Argentina
Tel.: +54 (0280) 488-3184 int 1329