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Dr. Federico Márquez

Independent Researcher CONICET
Associate Professor UNPSJB

Dr. Federico Márquez

My research

I am a biologist specialized in the study of the form variation in marine invertebrates from Patagonia, and other organisms such as fishes and plants. I work on topics of evolutionary ecology, biogeography, paleontology, Fisheries and Ecotoxicology. The basis of my studies is to understand the interactions between organisms and their environment. I am also interested in the environmental factors that produce these variations and their consequences. The findings of most of my works could be applied in fisheries management or to detect pollution in marine environments using the shape of organisms as biomarker.

Research goals
  • To understand the effects of environmental variables on shape variations in populations with different physical and biological constrains.
  • To understand the effects of human use of the environment in order to monitor and conserve marine ecosystems.
  • To provide fisheries management with methodological tools to determine seafood stocks.
Research topics

I use geometric morphometric methods (2D and 3D) to capture the shape of organisms to answer how species change their phenotypes in relationship with environmental constraints. I work using shape data from image analysis, and their relationships with other variables, principally physical.

Bvd. Brown 2915 (U9120ACD)
Puerto Madryn, Chubut - Argentina
Tel.: +54 (0280) 488-3184 int 1329